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Terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. All deposit payments made through Motion Entertainment are non-refundable. This excludes our COVID cancellation policy (please see point 5).

  2. Deposits made are transferrable to another date within 6 months of the original event date.

  3. Deposits will only be accepted via debit/credit/bank transfer methods. 

  4. The remaining balance will be agreed between Motion Entertainment and the customer.
    4a. All 'pay on the day' payments will be required on the date of the event, and will be due on arrival
    4b. All digital payments will be required at least 7 days before the event date
    4c. The client listed on the booking is responsible for any payments made on the night

  5. COVID Cancellation Policy
    5a. Any events that are cancelled due to government guidelines changing will be entitled to a full refund, including deposit.
    5b. If you cancel your event without government guidelines changing, normal rules will apply.

  6. Cancellations with more than 30 days before your event will be entitled to a full refund, minus non-refundable deposits (please see point 1). Cancellations within 30 days of the event will be entitled to a refund of 50%. Cancellations within 7 days of the event will not be refunded.

  7. Changes relating to quoting cannot be made within 7 days of the event.

  8. Weddings are not covered under our standard hire packages. Wedding events will be charged at the wedding rate. 
    8a. Motion Entertainment reserves the right to cancel an event if it is deemed to fall under the wedding category
    8b. Motion Entertainment reserves the right to charge the additional fee's in line with a wedding package if an event is deemed to be celebrating a wedding event

  9. Christmas period runs from 16th Nov - 16th Jan.

  10. When making payments via Motion Entertainment, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

  11. Motion Entertainment reserves the right to cancel any bookings with a reason provided.

  12. Abusive behaviour towards our Staff, DJs or affiliates of Motion Entertainment is not tolerated, and the customer will be banned from purchasing products again. Should anyone at the event be abusive or cause damage, then
    12a. All damages will be paid for by the customer
    12b. The police & venue will be involved in any investigation
    12c. The customer will be liable for any damage or abuse that causes loss of earnings for that or subsequent events
    12d. Our DJs/suppliers may record footage during the event as a safety measure. No footage will be retained unless used for complaint evidence to Motion Entertainment or the Police

  13. Customers are required to supply sufficient parking and access for DJs/suppliers to bring their equipment at the event (up to 120 minutes parking prior to the event). Parking also needs to be provided for the duration of the event, and for pack down (up to 120 minutes). Any excessive costs will be paid for by the customer.
    13a. The supplier/DJ should not be more that 100m away for unloading equipment, and if there are levels then a lift will need to be accessible.
    13b. Parking should not be more than a 4 minute walk to the venue.
    13c. Any parking tickets will be funded by the customer if the above requirements are not met
    13d. The DJ/supplier has the right to cancel if deemed not appropriate

  14. Motion Entertainment acts as an entertainment agency.

  15. Should you wish to complain about your service, please contact your DJ or supplier directly. Motion Entertainment will mediate should you be unable to come to a resolution. Please contact Motion Entertainment if your service was delivered by us directly.

  16. If Motion Entertainment cancels or changes a service, contingency plans will attempt to be put in place. If you are unhappy with these plans, you must reject them prior to the service starting. If the service begins, a discounted rate will be applied however you will still be liable to pay.

  17. Complaints made after a product service has been used will not be eligible for review, with the exception of:
    17a. Non delivery of items
    17b. Circumstances deemed 'exceptional'
    17c. Completely and fully unable to use the equipment

  18. Complaints made regarding Speaker Hire services will be subject to review by Motion Entertainment.

  19. Speaker Hire services with 'Delivery, Collection & Set-Up' will be set-up and tested on site. Motion Entertainment will ensure:
    19a. Customers are present when the item is tested
    19b. Customers are shown how to use to product

    19c. Customers are made aware of the products limitations

  20. The customer should state any concerns with the Speaker Hire product after testing and prior to the event starting. Any complaints made after this will not be eligible for a refund (unless they meet the criteria of point 17).

  21. When booking, you consent to Motion Entertainment providing your designated supplier with your name, number & details of your event.

  22. Customers are responsible for supplying a safe & stable power connection for all services, and providing the correct event information.

  23. Customers may not under any circumstances switch off the power of a service, unless instructed by a Motion Entertainment staff member.

  24. For karaoke services, customers are responsible for supplying a secure & stable Wi-Fi connection.

  25. Invoices can be created upon request to Motion Entertainment.

  26. You consent to photos and videos being taken at the event. Photos & videos taken by our supplier that contain guest of the event will not be shared without consent from the person who booked with Motion Entertainment.

  27. In the unlikely event that the Photo Booth event photo's are unable to be sent after the event due to factors such as corrupt files, a £100 refund will be provided.

  28. Payments for any service must be made before the date of the service.

  29. Payments should be made at least 7 days before the event, unless agreed upon with Motion Entertainment.

  30. After paying a deposit, your booking will be confirmed my a member of our team. Bookings may not be accepted if access restrictions cause hinderance to services, or dangers to health and safety.

  31. By paying for the service, you are accepting the terms & conditions


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