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What Can You Expect?

At Motion Entertainment, we understand that the only thing that can make a party better, is a karaoke party. Whether you want a DIY Karaoke Disco party, or a DJ giving you the best karaoke songs to sing and dance to, we have you covered. Karaoke parties are becoming ever more popular, and there is no better place to get them started than here at Motion Entertainment.

We have 2 choices of karaoke party, all of which can be great fun at your birthday party, engagement, summer garden party, corporate event or even your wedding! The possibilities are truly endless. We can provide:

Karaoke DJ - our Motion Entertainment Karaoke DJ really is the best there is. He will keep you on your toes, singing songs you had completely forgotten about... and then throwing in some classics you cant miss! When you've worn out your voice, you can hit the dance floor and let the DJ continue playing their songs all night. Book a karaoke DJ for your party today!

DIY Karaoke Disco - don't want a DJ there? No problem. With our DIY Karaoke Disco, you can pick your own songs at your own time. A laptop, screen, speaker and microphone will all be provided, so all you have to do is warm up your vocal cords. Take control, and book a DIY Karaoke Disco today.

Take a look below to see what events we recommend having a Karaoke DJ for:

  • Birthday party - our Karaoke DJs are great for birthday parties. Whether it's your sweet 16th, or your 50th birthday, a birthday karaoke DJ is great for any age celebration!

  • Corporate/work party - a great way of getting colleagues together and building relationships is to have a work party Karaoke DJ! Get everyone up and dancing at your Christmas party, or celebration do, and hire a corporate/work party Karaoke DJ today.

  • Christmas party - what better way to celebrate Christmas than scream the lyrics to Mariah Carey down a microphone to loads of guests. Our Karaoke DJs love a Christmas party, however they are extremely popular. So enquire today to avoid disappointment.

  • Hen Do - multiple microphones and a group full of friends at a Hen Do... what could be more fun that that? Allow our Karaoke DJ to fill your night with singalongs with our Hen Do Karaoke DJ!

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DIY Karaoke Disco

Take Control

You will receive a laptop, speaker, microphone & screen to get your DIY Karaoke Disco going. This is all you need to have a great night with friends or family, so just plug it in and get singing! 




Karaoke DJ

Let Us Do The Work

With the Karaoke DJ package, you will receive everything you need to have a great karaoke party... and a DJ included! When your guests have run out of singing power, let the DJ take over to finish the party.



If a karaoke DJ isn't what you're looking for and you require a DJ for a disco in a location below, simply select the link and get in contact:

We have Karaoke DJ & DIY Karaoke Disco packages for Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire, however if you are outside of these areas, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can provide an individual quote for you. Should you not require a karaoke DJ and just a normal DJ package, you can find out more information about our general DJ packages on our Home page.