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Impact of COVID-19 on the Wedding DJ Industry

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Coronavirus... We've all been effected in one way or another. From changing how you shop to adapting your working style, it's made its mark. However one unspoken industry that seems to have had no publicity and has been severely affected is the wedding industry. The wedding industry was booming towards the end of 2019, with record sales of wedding services, DJs, bands & venue bookings. A steady but constant increase of these sales has come to a sharp decline amid the Coronavirus pandemic, with some wedding companies seeing a drop in sales of almost 95%. So where does this leave the wedding DJ industry? Wedding DJs have been becoming evermore popular as the years go on, with new technology such as LED screens, moving heads and light up dancefloors available at the click of a button. Since the lockdown measures were imposed, you won't be surprised to hear that this has had a detrimental effect on DJ sales - not only wedding DJ sales, but party DJ sales also. Wedding DJ bookings in Hertfordshire have taken a tumble of around 75%, as have Wedding DJ bookings in Bedfordshire. In light of the new lockdown measures being a positive reflection of the virus subsiding, we are likely to see more wedding DJ sales in the near future as everyone floods to secure their wedding DJ entertainment. Come July 1st, wedding venues will reopen, party venues too, as will bars & clubs... so naturally the industry will pick up again. But at what cost?

The likelihood is that companies will need to reap back their losses in every industry, and therefore prices may rise. The wedding DJ industry is no different. Sole DJ's & Wedding DJ companies have been out of touch with reality for almost 3 months now, and they are keen to get their businesses back up and running. However, could this have the adverse affect? We may see wedding DJ prices tumble, so you could secure your Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire wedding DJ at a much lower price.

What about Motion Entertainment? We realise that this is a difficult time for people to be thinking about paying for a wedding DJ when the future is so uncertain. With a lot of companies keeping their non-refundable rates in situ, it may be a guessing game as to whether it is safe to book your wedding DJ. This is why we have introduced out new policy - free cancellations if COVID-19 effects your wedding plans. Not only your wedding DJ, but your party DJ too should you need it. Free cancellations - what more can you want? A professional, affordable, worry-free DJ service. Furthermore, we are not raising our prices and have infact lowered them for wedding DJs to help both our customers and DJs in the current climate. With that said, what are you waiting for? Book your Motion Entertainment Wedding DJ here.

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