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COVID-19 Vaccine - What Now For The Wedding Industry?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

It feels like an eternity, but finally the finish line is on the horizon... hopefully. The news of a COVID-19 vaccine has excited the world. However 1 industry that is exceptionally excited is the wedding industry.

The wedding sector in the UK is a multi-billion pound industry, employing thousands of people nationwide. it ranges from wedding entertainers, chefs, venue owners, waiting staff, and most importantly - wedding DJs (ok, so we might be a little biased). Wedding DJs have had almost all of their bookings wiped out due to all of the uncertainty, and unfortunately it's a perfectly reasonable response. Why would you risk your hard earned money on planning an extravagent wedding, booking a wedding DJ, booking the venue and all catering staff for it to not even go ahead?

Well, enough of the doom and gloom so the papers say. A vaccine is looming which means the wedding industry, and other music/DJ industries respectively, are on the rise. Reports show that there is a boom happening and bookings are flooding in for 2021. Exciting!

Here at Motion Entertainment, we provide the best wedding DJs for any occasion. With our DJs amounting over 30 years experience, we really do have the best in the business. What's more is we are extending our wedding DJ coronavirus cancellation policy until the pandemic is over. How great is that? You can book your DJ without having to worry about a thing. Not only this, but we are offering a special 10% discount on any wedding DJ booking made before December 31st! Remember, you can also pay monthly for your DJ, in which we are the only provider in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire to do so.

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